World’s first
non custodial debit card.

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Get USD instantly
9 chains supported
No processing fees
Best rates in the industry
The card has no sign up fees or Annual fee
Accepted all over the world
  • Supported chains

  • ETH









  • Where can
    the card be used

  • Accepted all over the world!
    Need to be a USA resident to
  • Can be used in ATMs to
    withdraw cash

It's a web3 debit card!

  • You can connect with any wallet to identify yourself
  • We use the power of decentralized exchanges (DEX) to get you the best dollar amount
  • We respect your privacy.
  1. CypherD never stores any sensitive information like SSN and address we collect while you are applying for the card. All of it is stored with our bank.
  2. We do not know where you transact with your card

Card application process

In this debit card you can convert your crypto to USD and spend it all over the world.
The card can be applied with any non-custodial wallet.
The application process is easy and takes less than 2 mins. You will get instant approval!
The card can be instantly added to apple pay or google pay and used virtually
You will get a physical card in 2 weeks


There is 24 hour support via chat in the website for card application and funding questions
There is 24 hour phone support which can help with transaction issues or card issues after the card is issued

People Love it!

I’m surprised by the features and lack of high charges. You’re already beating out my experience with the card or the coinbase card - ThatCyptoClown on Discord
I think it's cool to have integrated game/defi/multichain/nft in same wallet - Anon on customer support chat